Welcome to Russelltopia

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Welcome to Russelltopia: Episode III - Return to Russelltopia

July 22nd, 2009


Russ gets his cuh-rap together and pontificates on the recent passing of Hollywood legends, the continuing storrrrry of Chester and Catzilla and outreaches his hands for assistance on a worthy cause.


Episode 2.5 - Welcome to Fail: Population - You

May 8th, 2009


After a botched podcast episode recording, Russ must scramble to find entertaining banter with himself before losing his faithful listeners to other more exciting podcasts.


Ep. II - Planning On It

February 23rd, 2009


Some language and/or content may or may not be appropriate for some listeners.  Listener discretion is advised.

In this episode, Russ tries to figure out how this whole podcasting thing works, talks about the Oscars, and introduces his ideas on who should play two key characters in his screenplay,"How To Conquer Planet Earth (In Five Easy Steps)".


Welcome To Russelltopia - Pilot Episode - The Very Belated Birthday Episode!

January 28th, 2009